STUN PHASER X-114,Stun Light,Tactical Light

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STUN PHASER, a powerful nonlethal deterrent device, uses an EN62471 RG-2 certified light source to induce aversion responses from approaching persons.  The STUN PHASER-114 series is an effective alternative for law enforcement forces such as the police, coastal guards, and prison officers responsible for managing hostile situations.  It is also a portable deterrent devise for home, shop, or any public establishment.

(Stunphaser Offiicial Website: http://www.stunphaser.com/professional.html)

Product IDX-114

Stun Mode: 114 watt ;

White LED: 18 watt

Number/Color of LED46 LED (16 Blue, 22 Red, 6 White)
Luminous Power

Stun Mode: 2,000 Lm ;

White LED: 1,497 Lm

Flashing Frequency12~15HZ+50HZ
Effective Range (Day Time)5 m
Effective Range (Night Time)10 m
Power Supply18650 Li-lon Rechargeable (2600 mAh)
Usage Time1.5 hours per charge
LED Cover Lens15 degree angle optical lens
MaterialAluminum alloy
Size440 mm x 98 mm
(Max Length x Max Diameter)
(inc 220 mm extension tube)
Weight1.2 kg (inc battery)
Additional NotesIP65 rated
3 min auto-off
White light mode
Battery charger 16V/1A AC100V-240V

Advisory notice: Prolonged viewing will cause discomfort and possible photobiological risk.  STUN PHASER should only be used by trained personnel.  Always read operating manual before use.  Keep out of reach of children at all time.  People with photosensitive epileptic symptoms should cover one eye immediately and turn away from the light source.  


DO NOT expose the lithium battery to water, fire, high temperatures, or other hazardous or combustible materials.  Do not disassemble, puncture, cut, crush, or short circuit the battery.  Lithium battery may explode or cause burns if not handled properly.


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